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2039-The tragedy of a journalist

My death reported in a leading English daily

As reported by Pradhijha Sankarapandian

Prabhu Mallikarjunan(55), an eminent journalist and a well-known Indian author passed away last night following a heart attack. He was admitted in the hospital at 9 pm where he died at around 11 pm.

Prabhu was born in Bangalore in 1984 to Mallikarjunan and Suganthi in a well-read family and has two siblings Nithya and Sathya. His siblings expressed grief over his loss and said that they are really proud of their brother’s immense achievements as a journalist and a person with an extreme interest in the country’s development through out his life. His family appreciates and cherishes his authoritative questioning ability and rational thinking since his school days. His wife Roopa, who is a well-known author with revolutionary ideas, stated that he was disappointed that he was not able to become an Anthropologist.

He did his schooling in ITI Vidya Mandir and was trained as a journalist in Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media in 2010.

He began his career as a journalist with ‘The Hindu’ in 2011 and evolved as an outstanding Reporter and Editor right in the beginning stages. After 10 years in ‘The Hindu’, he served as one of the Chief Editors in ‘The New Indian Express’, Bangalore. During this time period, he wrote many editorial articles expressing his straight-forward, bold judgments on the corrupt Indian political system.

His extensive knowledge and profound thoughts regarding the issues in our political system were justified when Prabhu became the economic advisor of Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi in 2030. During his tenure, he was instrumental in bringing the ‘Ministry of Process Improvement’ into the Indian ministries which purely concentrated on cleansing the corrupt Indian government.

He surprised his regular readers with his humorous nature in his books- The P-factor (Politics-Power and Poverty), Achaaram- Kalaacharaam. Iyer- Iyengar (modern age of Tambrahms), kaapi tea chai, ah news news !!. His other books were The legacy of ‘Caste’, Outsocuing- India 2050, Six Sigma in Public sectors.

He was a multifaceted individual with an organized set of thoughts and opinions towards the process oriented betterment of the nation. His explorations and investigative approach as a journalist and his analytical thinking into various systems of the society have brought in a notable change and questioning ability in his readers. His contribution to the ‘Ministry of Process Improvement’ is of course something the nation will cherish and be proud of for many decades to come.


It’s nice to see my obituary before I could die. All famous people, please ask your copy with the leading newspapers now. your obit’ is getting updated …..

p.s- This is purely fictional adding to my dreams; I don’t know who Roopa is at this point, but if you exist and get to read this blog, please feel free to contact me before my death :))))


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