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Seeing Media through Peepli

It was disgusting to get stuck in traffic and rain and miss an opportunity to interview Ms Revathi (Writer and member of Hijra community). Nevertheless, thought of visiting Sangama (sexuality minority rights organization) even that failed. It didn’t end there but we wasted 5 precious hours doing nothing but sitting in bus. I was annoyed totally, luckily thanks to my friend who accompanied me all the way and suggested watching ‘Peepli’ movie instead of going empty handed. She did make sense. Good mood started to roll back…. 

I am not gonna narrate the story or give reviews here but would try to look media from peoples’ eyes. It was interesting at the same time discomforting seeing the movie with people around blaming the media industry, which I entered with great struggle. It was reality and I couldn’t have stopped them for blaming so. At some point the movie was telling us what we learnt in college as to how to get stories by observing and eavesdropping.

It was a bold movie showcasing how news channels sensationalize NEWS to increase their TRPs faced by stiff competition in media to bring interesting stories. I didn’t feel bad of entering this industry and this movie added much more positive vibes in me to remind me that I here for a purpose and there’s a patchy path ahead..
It is horrible to see incidents like this where because of self pressure, Journalist play a dirty role ignoring the real NEWS. Yet another shocking incident reported on Aug 21, 2010. (

The theater was looking empty and people next to me were commenting saying this has turned out to be a comedy movie. They never understood the plot which sent a strong message on a serious note. For public, if there are no well known faces/actors in such movies it turns out ‘not so good’ movie. I agree it is individual’s choice to give reviews but the purpose is getting lost in the midway. Anyways all praises to directors and producer for making a lively movie without big names……

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