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Eco drive at Laughing waters

Kids at Laughing Waters community in Whitefield organized an awareness campaign through fun activities to save this small world’s dying ecology. The community already house around 2000 plants and is a house for many birds like Sunbirds,Bulbul, Brahminy kites …Around 60 kids participate in the event. ‘Save the environment, starting with one place; our home’ was the message.

‘Save the Paper’- To instill the thought to reduce, reuse and recycle the paper there was a game. Every kid had to throw the paper ball in the respective box to gain points to their kitty. It is said that that it takes 24 trees to make one ton of newspaper. Saving paper, in turn saves trees, chemicals utilized in making of paper, and also reducing garbage.

‘Clean the lake’- A tub was filled with filthy water, paper fish and few sandstone and kids had to rescue the fish from the unclean lake. The kids were also taken to nearby Varthur Lake to get to see how the filth water affects the water habitat.


Planting trees- The kids were made to hit the target and in turn, if they miss the shot they had to plant a tree. The kids planted around 250 plants around the community with Gauva , Neem and Peepal tree and many more.

‘Target’- Kids were introduced to words like Nuclear, UV rays and Greenhouse. They were given a brief of how certain things would affect the ecology on a long run and how to balance through Greenhouse concepts. Kids were encouraged to grow plants in house.
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