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Anna, we are with you

Yesterday I visited the anti-corruption movement in Hyderabad to analyse the mood of people and here it goes. (around 08.00 pm)

Scene 1: A piece of paper with Anna Hazare’s photo was lying on the ground with people stamping it all over. A 6-year-old girl pushes a few in the crowd and picks the photo (paper) clears dust and puts the paper back in her pocket. (Admire- She definite knew what she was doing).

Scene 2: When asked why he was here, a 14-year-old kid answer- If the bill is passed, Indian will get back 1,450 lakh crores and we don’t have to pay back taxes for 20 year (I wondered how he knew those figures but later found in one of the newspaper article published yesterday). Living with hopes for a better future.

Scene 3: A 65-year-old man who could not bend properly sat down and placed the candle he was holding in hand, on the ground in solidarity.

Scene 4: A group of college students and few ladies holding placards and flags shouted slogans, sang song ‘Ham honge kaamyaab’ with full enthusiasm (while few even planning for the next song) and seemed to be in full in spirit.

Scene 5: Not surprisingly, a few other groups were busy with photo shoots and simply style marofying (perhaps to share on social networking sites)

This explains it all.


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